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Intelligently Aggressive Fire Attack

The environment known as the fire ground is a dynamic, deadly, and increasingly complex arrangement of almost limitless variables. Firefighters are facing even greater challenges

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Can TIC’s See Through Glass?

In many cases, firefighters fail to recognize abnormal thermal signatures, cues, or thermal bridging that is indicative of high heat signatures within a structure.  

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Can TIC’s See Holes In Floors?

This is a common question asked but has many variables that influence the answer. First-It depends on the background: If the background temperature is similar

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Enhancing Ventilation Efforts

Enhancing Ventilation Efforts: Whether horizontal or vertical, firefighters need to be aware of how tactical thermal imaging can assist in ventilation efforts. Prevent improper ventilation:

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It Wasn’t That Hot?

It Wasn’t That Hot? This is the most common statement we hear from firefighters before conditions suddenly changed without warning. Or was there a warning?

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