Using AFG Funds to Purchase TICs? Read This First!

AFG Funds & NFPA 1801 Requirements:

Many fire departments apply for AFG funding each year for a variety of purposes. In many cases, they are seeking to purchase new thermal imaging cameras. However, many are not aware that they MUST purchase the NFPA-1801 2021 certified TICs to qualify. Fire Departments cannot use these funds for non-approved models or NFPA 1801 certified models that are of the older standards such as 2018 or 2013 certification.

Thermal Imaging Cameras (Must be NFPA 1801 compliant) page 54.

This grant can also be amended to include funds for training on the specific brand/model of TIC that your department purchases.

This information is found on Page 58:

Eligible Equipment Activities for Fire Department include but are not limited to:

  • Training specific to the requested equipment

If your fire department is using AFG grant monies, it is required that the TIC be NFPA 1801-2021 certified. This grant also allows for amendments to the grant to include training.

If you’re interested in learning which TIC’s meet the 2021 NFPA 1801 standard check out the company that does the actual testing for up-to-date information:

Go to testing company website:

‪* Click on Search Certified Product Type in NFPA 1801.

‪* Click on Fire & Emergency Services

‪* Click on Thermal Imaging Camera

* You will notice two standards are available:

* NFPA 1801-2018 and NFPA 1801-2021

* Click on NFPA 1801-2021

You will then see a list of certified TICs that meet the current standard which are (prices  may vary and these are approximations based on recent internet research)

* Argus MI-TIC series: $5199

* Bullard NXT: $7,999

* FLIR K65: $7699

* MSA 6000: $8,999

* Seek Attack PRO +: $3,999.

We have also included a one-hour video that explains the importance of NFPA 1801:

Whether your organization chooses an NFPA Certified TIC or not they need to be aware of and follow NFPA 1408:

Do you know that NFPA 1408 requires organizations who purchase TICs to train members PRIOR to placing them on the fire truck, to perform yearly practical and live fire training with them, and to have policies that apply directly to use of thermal imaging cameras on the fireground?

Not following NFPA 1408? How will not following this standard help any organization if they choose to claim exemption to a training standard when they had the funds to purchase the equipment?

If your organization is looking for research-based information on the performance of thermal imaging cameras, please check out the following resources:

Search times were cut by 70% with the use of a TIC, the victim was missed 6 out of 10 times without a TIC, and in 38% of all LODD’s the TIC was left on the charger of the fire truck!


Please feel free to give any of us a call if you have questions or need any assistance with this process. We have contacts with all the major manufacturers and can aid with demo TIC’s and more. We also offer a course on evaluating your top 3 choices of thermal imaging cameras. Please see our course descriptions on our main page for more information.

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