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Insight Training LLC provides fire behavior and thermal imaging training in all areas of the fire service from volunteer, career, industrial, and military fire brigades. We offer needs assessment training for purchasing TIC’s, we have trained manufacturers sales teams through non-disclosure agreements, we test and evaluate products, and have developed curriculums and training programs for numerous departments.

Insight Training has trained departments in all 50 states and in assisted firefighters and manufactures in 16 different countries. Insight Training LLC instructors are a minimum of Level I Thermography Certified through Infrared Training Center.

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Insight Training LLC Instructors are Level I Thermography Certified, Veteran Firefighters, who have been through extensive training and have trained firefighters, thermal imaging manufacturer sales representatives, and industry professionals. We serve as technical advisers in the areas of thermal imaging for many fire service professionals.


Specializing in fire service training, enhancing fundamentals through education, technology, & training in context. Level 1 Thermography Certified. Our mission is to clarify the often complicated and confusing world of thermal imaging & fire behavior concepts into experientially relevant examples that firefighters can use to enhance their daily fire ground operations resulting in intelligently aggressive firefighting

To enhance firefighting strategies and tactics to rescue victims up to 70% faster, extinguish the fire faster, and reduce firefighter injuries and deaths.

Insight Fire Training LLC values are honesty, servant hood, integrity, hard work. Our services and respective partners shall abide by these values and our values shall determine our relationships. The fire service is the people business and we are a business of creating & developing strong relationships within the fire service.

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