Own a FLIR KXX Series TIC? Check out these resources!

FLIR KXX Series Thermal Imaging Resource Document:

Check out these FREE thermal imaging training videos and articles that are available on our YouTube Channel and website. Please be sure to read the explanations of each video (and we have included articles on our blog to assist with understanding these topics) on YouTube for understanding of each application on each video. The following videos are just a few of the over 600 free videos available on our Insight Training LLC channel. This document provides over 4 hours of videos and numerous articles for your review. If you use these videos or resources, please tag us on social media or cite them in your respective presentations.

Overview of Thermal Imaging Use in the Fire Service: https://youtu.be/VLahICshTUE?list=PL5UcFj45HlgesRs6Z93VONoLNhUn2CkZK

Do you know the difference between the two main types of fire service TIC’s? https://insighttrainingllc.com/uncategorized/do-you-know-the-2-main-types-of-fire-service- tics/

Check out our FREE webinar sponsored by FLIR: Do you know the difference in the two main types of Fire Service TIC’s? This is a two-hour webinar that explains the differences between situational awareness TIC’s and Decision-Making TIC’s:


Understanding the FLIR K2:


Understanding the FLIR K55-K65:

Check out the differences between the K2 and the K65: https://youtu.be/qPvnIlKGFmE

FLIR K65 Overview:


 Which TIC Should We Buy? 


Purchasing Implementation Criteria Lesson Plan: This guide will assist fire departments who are considering purchasing new thermal imaging cameras: 

Instruction Guide for Thermal Imaging Purchasing & Implementation Criteria

Understanding Field of View: (two videos for you review and one article):



https://insighttrainingllc.com/uncategorized/thermal-imaging-training-drills-tips-field-of-view/ Understanding Temperature Modes: (two videos for your use)



Understanding Refresh Rate:

Low Hertz Hurts Performance:

This article explains the importance of understanding refresh rates: https://insighttrainingllc.com/uncategorized/low-hertz-hurts-performance/

This video demonstrates the delay in the K2 which has a 9 hertz refresh rate: https://youtu.be/-Qw98PM-_Kk?list=PL5UcFj45HlgesRs6Z93VONoLNhUn2CkZK

The Danger of The Spot Temperature Use In Fire Service TIC’s:


Understanding Color Palettes:

NFPA 1801 Colorization:


Understanding Distance to Spot Ratio & Emissivity: https://insighttrainingllc.com/uncategorized/understanding-distance-to-spot-ratio/


Thermal Layer Identification: https://insighttrainingllc.com/uncategorized/identifying-the-thermal-layer/

What is FSX?


Understanding Specific Application Modes of Fire Service TIC’s: 

Application Modes of the FLIR KXX Series TIC’s: 


The Benefits of Search & Rescue Mode on the FLIR KXX TIC: 

This video is a broad overview of the benefits of Search & Rescue Mode: 


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