Thermal Imaging Training Resource Link

We receive numerous requests for thermal imaging resources. Many fire departments do not have the resources of fail to invest in thermal imaging training. Our mission is to provide education and training to firefighters across the globe in the hopes that we can bring firefighters home safely to their families at the end off their shift. For this reason, we have created a series of webinars and articles that will assist firefighters and their department on this valuable topic.

Please watch the following videos and associated articles:

First watch this webinar: Understanding Firefighter PPE (then follow the steps below)

Step 1: Introduction to Tactical Thermal Imaging-

Step 2: Thermal Imaging Tips for Success:

Step 3: What is NFPA 1801?

Using AFG Funds to purchase a thermal imaging cameras, please read the following articles:

Using AFG Funds to Purchase TICs? Read This First! – Insight Training LLC

Step 4: Understanding The Two Main Types of Fire Service of TICs:

Step 5: Completing Read-Enhancing Size Up:

The Tactical 360:

Step 6: Fire Attack Webinar

Step 7: Enhanced Search Methodology:

Victim Identification and TIC Usage:

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Andy Starnes

Insight Training LLC


Level II Thermologist