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Spring Time Safety Tip

Spontaneous Combustion Anyone? Each year, there are many fires that occur from this phenomena that involve: Mulch Landfills Silos Recycling Plants And more… What causes

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Identifying The Thermal Layer

Identifying the Thermal Layer?

In many fire behavior/thermal imaging classes, identification of the thermal layer is taught to assist in identification of overall severity of conditions.  However, if we

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Can't Tic's See Through Glass

Can TIC’s See Through Glass?

TIC’s can’t see through glass?  They actually can’t see through anything but you’d be amazed what you can see! Check out our Blog Post-Overcoming Thermal

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Which TIC Should We Buy?

Thermal Imaging Needs Assessment/Purchasing/Training Guidelines: The following document was developed to assist departments with purchasing thermal imaging cameras and with their training needs. This document

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