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Thank you for your interest in our webinar programs. Our online classes are offered in the following formats:

* Introduction (3 hours)
* Comprehensive (4 hour overview)
* Go/No Go Decision Making (2.5 to 3 hours)
* Tactical 360-Enhancing Fireground Strategies & Tactics (3 hours)
* Enhanced Search Methodology (3 hours)
* Enhanced Stream Placement (3 hours)
* Rapid Intervention (2 hours)
* Tactical Drone Applications (3 hours)
* Purchasing Implementation Criteria (2.5 hours plus assessment criteria)

We recommend the following sequence if you are interested in online training:

Step 1: Introduction (3 hours) This meets the following objectives:

* Explain the value and importance of thermal data to victims, their property, and to firefighters.

  • Explain the difference between the two main fire service thermal imaging cameras in use today and their proper application.
  • Explain the five key attributes of thermal imaging.
  • Properly interpret a thermal image based on a given environment.
  • Understand the limitations, contraindications, and how to overcome them in regard to thermal imaging use in the fire service.

Step 2: Go/No Go decision Making (3 hours)-An Evidence Based Model for Fire Attack. This thermal diagnostic model is designed to reduce thermal insult to the victim, to their property, prevent rapid fire development, and prevent thermal insult to the firefighter through proper interpretation of the environment

Step 3: The Tactical 360-Enhancing Fireground Strategies & Tactics-This is an in-depth look at the size-up process and how it can be enhanced by thermography based concepts.

Step 4: Enhanced Stream Placement (2.5 hours): This course focuses on making our fire suppression efforts more effective and efficient.

Step 5: Enhanced Search Methodology-Tactical Thermal Imaging Concepts allow firefighters to make the rescue up to 70% faster and cut search times by 50%. This course enhances fundamental concepts of search by applying thermal imaging concepts to their efforts.

These webinars are available in the following price schedule:

  • Pre-recorded $250/webinar
  • Live webinar with a recorded version delivered upon payment $500/webinar
  • Group pricing 3 webinars or more are $1000 plus bonus information and materials delivered to the organization in PDF format
  • Target Solutions Delivery For Larger Departments of 100 personnel or more: $30/firefighter for all 5 webinars (packages start at $3,000 which include student manuals and additional educational materials in PDF format).

Each webinar is custom made for your specific model/brand of thermal imaging camera and to your department’s specific request. If there is a combination of the webinars listed you wish to request, we will gladly provide a custom quote your organization.

Thank you for considering Insight Training LLC. The world’s leader in thermography based firefighting training.

Instructor Andy Starnes

Insight Training LLC
Level II Thermography Certified

Facebook: Instructor Andy Starnes
Twitter: @InsightTrn or @KTFBurnsDC
Instagram: @TrainingInsight
LinkedIn: Insight Training LLC


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