8 Hour Live Fire Training Offering

8 Hour Live Fire Training Offering

Course Info: 8 Hour Live Fire Training Offering

1 Day Classroom & Live Fire Offering:Firefighter Measuring Room Temperature

This course will cover the introduction to tactical thermal imaging and spend intensive training on the application of tactical thermal imaging.

This course includes demonstrations and active classroom participation that is customized to the department’s needs and specific brands/models of thermal imaging cameras. It also includes recorded classroom session, a copy of the program in PDF format, a customized student manual (printing costs our covered by the host organization), and implementation.

Thermal Imaging House

The first half of the day is classroom (this can be shortened if the organization has already completed a classroom training previously) and the second half of the day is all live fire evolutions. This course requires two instructors and is available at $3500 per day. (total number of instructors is dependent upon class size and may increase the overall cost of the program). The price of the course does not include travel and lodging costs.

Room Temperature Indicator

This course also includes any video that is captured from the live burns will be recorded and edited for the host organization’s future training use. It also includes access to our training video archives to assist them with their future training needs. Our YouTube channel has several examples of our previous trainings as well.

This offering has been our most popular for departments seeking to provide an “in-service” style training to cover each of their respective shifts. We typically provide them sequentially such as a three day format repeating the same program each day to provide training to all personnel. Our team will arrive one day early, set-up, and conduct a test burn to ensure that the site or training building performs adequately for the training.

We look forward to working with you and your organization.

Instructor Andy Starnes
Insight Training LLC

8 Hour Live Fire Training Offering

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