Joey Baxa started his fire service career as a volunteer at the Buckhannon Fire Department (WV) in 2006. In 2007 he made the decision to make it a career and was hired as a career firefighter for the same department. Today, he holds the rank of Captain and serves as the department’s training officer.  Instructor Joey Baxa is Level I Thermography Certified through Infrared Training Center which is a 32-hour industrial thermography certification. Joey has taught across the United States and at various fire service conferences including Firehouse Expo, The Mile High Firefighters Conference, and more.

Outside of teaching thermal imaging with Insight Fire Training, Joey has a passion for educating and training firefighters who routinely respond understaffed. The BFD is a combination department in which Joey has witnessed growth in career staffing and experienced the national trend of decreasing volunteers. When he started his career, he staffed an engine by himself and 15 years later he now supervises an engine company of three. Joey is also an Adjunct Instructor for West Virginia University Fire Service Extension.

Joey enjoys photography and spending time outdoors hiking and biking. Joey also holds a bachelor’s degree from West Virginia Wesleyan College.

To follow Joey Baxa, he can be found on Facebook at Instructor Joey Baxa and on Instagram as @baxajl. He can be contacted at