Intro To Thermography

St. George Firefighters Foundation Thermal Imaging Program In Partnership with Insight Training LLC

The following program will be offered through St. George Firefighters Foundation under these stipulations:

St. George Firefighters Foundation shall provide thermal imaging training vetted by Insight Training LLC that meets the following guidelines:

  1. Classroom training: A classroom session shall be held that explains the concepts that will be demonstrated in the hands on portion of the training. This training can be modified from a minimum of 2 hours to a maximum of 4 hours (1/2 day)
  2. Hands on Training: A hands on training session shall be held to demonstrate the concepts covered in the classroom session. This hands on training shall involve fire in either a Max Fire Box Demonstration or a live fire training session with Class A combustibles. The following training media shall not be used: fake smoke or gas fed training facilities as they are not conducive to the environment firefighters face nor do they provide the context for the objectives to be successfully met.

Classroom Objectives: (suggested times allowed for instruction)

A) Understanding the power of heat (30 minutes)
B) Understanding the two main types of thermal imaging cameras in the fire service today.(15 minutes)
C) Five key attributes of thermal imaging (1 hour)
D) Contraindications of thermal imaging use (30 minutes)

Hands on Training Objectives:

A) Field of View
B) Temperature Modes vs. Application Modes
C) Resolution & Color Palettes
D) Distance to Spot Ratio
E) Emissivity

Contraindication Demonstrations:

A) Window or glass demonstration or equivalent.
B) CO2 Extinguisher demonstration (or equivalent): showing the TIC does not see gases but
can see the effects of the gases.
C) Apparent Temperatures vs Actual Temperatures

Legal and Financial Agreement:

This curriculum is not to be taught by anyone other than those approved and listed in this contract without approval of Insight Training LLC.

Fire Departments who receive this training must contact the St. George Firefighters Foundation to set-up the event (not Insight Training LLC). St. George Firefighters Foundation will provide the instructors and facilitate the event. This program is offered through the St. George Firefighters Foundation (a non-profit organization) and is designed to provide thermal imaging training to fire departments in the state of Louisiana only. Payment for services provided will be handled through the St. George Firefighters Foundation.

St. George Firefighters Foundation shall provide the proper PPE, equipment, and liability insurance to protect their instructors, their equipment, and the client they are providing services to. Insight Training LLC shall not be held liable for any damages, injuries, death, or claims of financial liability done by the parties offering these services within this agreement.

Insight Training LLC shall provide the Presentations, lesson plans, and media required for the training. Additional materials needed such as uniforms, manuals, and equipment will be purchased by St. George Firefighters Foundation as needed.

If you or your department are in the state of Louisiana and are interested in receiving this training, please contact the following representatives:

Captain Ragan Underwood

Captain Jeremy Hurst

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