St. Tammany Fire Protection District

June 26th:Training Division

Insight Training LLC will be providing an 8 hour live fire thermal imaging training for their Training Division and selected others: This day is designed to be broken into three different portions: classroom lecture, Max Fire phase 2, and a live burn. Classroom will reinforce basic thermography principles and will also serve as a formal orientation to the SEEK Attack Pro camera. Chief John Davis and Captain Ragan Underwood would be the two INSIGHT instructors delivering the class on June 26th.

June 28th-30th-Suppression Division In-Service Training:

These days are designed to be broken down into 4-hour blocks of instruction per rotation, 2 rotations a day. The suppression division will receive training on basic thermography principles and on your Bullard decision making camera as well as the SEEK Fire Pro X. The training will consist of classroom lecture followed by a live fire demonstration with the Max Fire Phase 2. These classes are delivered by Captain Underwood.



Jun 26 - 30 2023


All Day