Intelligently Aggressive Search at Mile High Fire Conference

Intelligently Aggressive Search Operations

Course Description:

This course bridges the gap between fundamental search concepts, empirical LODD data & victim rescues and takes into account the actual conditions that firefighters will face during these challenging incidents. They are often chaotic, suffering from reduced staffing, and in many cases, the same NIOSH recommendations rise again from the previous LODD reports to be placed yet again on another department that suffers such a tragic loss.

This course is offered in the following format:

• Morning 2-hour Classroom Session.

• Mid-morning drills in without live fire.

• Afternoon live fire objective-based training


Thomas Anderson lead instructor has been in the fire service for 16 years. He began in the volunteer service in a rural area of Kentucky and currently serves as a Captain with the Charlotte Fire Department in NC. He is a lifelong student of the fire service, and his studies have led him to have a passion for basic firemanship, aggressive and efficient search skills, and fire behavior, with a basis, that understanding the thermal environment is essential.

Thomas has an associate degree in Fire Science from Central Piedmont Community College and is currently in pursuit of his bachelor’s degree in Fire Administration; he is a lead instructor for Insight Fire Training LLC, a company that specializes in fire ground thermal imaging and its incorporation into all aspects of fire ground application. Insight Training has taught in all 50 states, numerous countries, and are regular instructors at numerous fire service conferences.


Oct 07 - 08 2023


All Day