FDIC 2024: Live Fire Aggressive Thermal Imaging Search

Insight Training LLC is grateful to be returning to FDIC 2024 to provide two (4) hour live fire hands on sessions for two days of training. Lead Instructor Thomas Anderson and will be leading the Insight Training Instructor cadre as we provide hands on expertise on the proper use, tips, and tricks of thermal imaging to enhance the fundamental search efforts on the fire ground.

This class combines time-and battle-tested search techniques with updated modern thermal imaging technologies, designed to take your fireground searches to the next level. When applied properly, thermal imaging can enhance fundamentally sound aggressive search crews, thereby making us more efficient and more successful. Communication and positioning of the thermal imaging camera operator for facilitating search efforts is an essential component of this process. Fundamental search methodology relies on sound basics, from moving through the room quickly and efficiently to understanding fire and smoke behavior in a compartment. When combined with modern thermal imaging, firefighters take the upper hand and save lives. This class is about understanding all the tools at our disposal, when to use them, and how to use them properly.




Apr 15 - 16 2024


All Day